Over 3.7 million Alarm signals processed per month.          
Digital Alarm transmission - over mobile networks
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Command And Control Systems .


Domestic and commercial security-systems both audible and monitored.

Single Zone - or Multi Zone - Scantronic - Guardtec - Galaxy

ADE chloride - Cooper menvier - Pyronix - CSL dualcom - Pstn

Paknet - AOIP - More ....


Observations systems - Single Camera installations -covert and overt - Multi plex digital systems - Local and remote monitoring - Pelco - Ademco - American dynamics - VCL - Kaltel - Sony - Motion Detection - ANPR - More ......


Access Control Systems.

Single Door to multi Door Controlled access systems - stand alone or multi network linked.

Pac access - Noralsy - VCT - Aiphone - Bewator -

- AC access - Roller Shutter Controllers - Video door entry - Cotag - Hid - Proxy-tag  ---More ...


Command and control systems .

Software and hardware solutions for -

Goverment Identity applications

Police/fire/medical response dispatch and control platforms .

Security control room software - Alarm CCTV monitoring -

R-T Vehicle location Tracking for buses and taxis services or fleet.


Security Patrol software And solutions

Lone Worker Monitoring

Gps monitoring Solutions


Digital Voice recording and monitoring 

  services with intercept - vox to email

  Multi audio codecs supported.


Our Centra-net platforms can be customised to work with 

almost any kind of application or alternative O/S platfom.

 New Addition to the Centra-net Family.
  Voice systems monitored

Connect To Centra-Net DigiCom

Alarm transmission over PSTN

Connect To Centra-net IP

Supervised Secured Alarm Transmission over broadband,    2-way communications.

    Connect To Centra-net Wave

 Supervised AlarmTransmission over Secure private Radio mesh


    Wave connect - Alarm Monitoring - Provided by SENSOR-LINK 

    Connect to Centra-net Mobile

     Supervised and Secured           Alarm   Format Transmission

    Over Gsm/Gprs/Sms Formats


    Connect To Centra-net Voip

   Supervised Alarm Transmission

        Over Sip Voip-Protocols.


Bring your Own

Open Source Alarm Monitoring Centre

 The Camms Monitoring host is now up and running. All networks are now online . SiaII And 4-8-1 formats currently accepted.Cid Format Currently redirected to RACK Hosts. Full Gsm dtmf - Gsm SMS support. IP support Open platform. Home Arrest Monitoring and Vehicle Tracking is now online for NE lincolnshire UK.

Alarm@Home Now online .Remote realtime diagnostics for your home and bussines security sytems via the alarm@home Mega Portal - Whos Home???

   Grimsby and Lincolnshire Now hosts 

   the largest known Ademco I/O  

   Server Farms in the UK.   

   Support for Multi-platform access

   Dos/Windows/Linux/Custom Platforms.


    Alarm/CCTV Monitoring services ,  

    Security Response

    Care and supervision


    Emergency care


    Monitoring any Kind of signal data.





     Advanced surguard emulation - Multi Layer formats


     Derived channel networking support. Since april 1992

     Internet alarm monitoring

    Digicom Monitoring , Gsm , Radio

     Voice recorded systems monitored by Vox2sia Server.

     Sms Gprs Alarm monitoring - ISDN-PSTN - Internet

     Custom Response - Remote control

     Voip alarm monitoring

      Keyword loggers to sia output.

      ANPR to SIA - FFR to SIA